South Africa’s football magician

Ashley ‘Floorise’ Mkhize is the name recently engraved into South Africa’s history books as the First South African Freestyler to win a medal at Superball World Championships. Ashley came 3 rd at the Champion- ships held at Prague ,Czech Republic in around August 2017. Ashley was inspired by Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho when he saw his freestyling video on YouTube.com, and was hooked for life. He stared juggling with the ball, imitat- ing Ronaldinho’s moves and blended in his own moves, and through practice become better with the ball. However, he never envisioned freestyling opening doors and making a living from it. His eyes were also not opened about the different freestyling competitions held across the globe. The lack of Freestyling awareness became a drawback to him, as he didn’t know the freestyling society and the opportunities existing within the hobby sport.

His parents wanted him to have a proper career and never understood how juggling with the ball will bring in money. Hence, like any other parents when he matriculated sent him to tertiary to acquire qualification and get employed. However, being stuck behind a desk for 8 hours a day was a distance reality for him. Ashley’s passion lied in juggling with the ball and entertaining spectators. Floorise is the first South African to have won a medal at Superball Championships, which is the world’s biggest Freestyle competition. Even though he came 3rd due to the mistakes he made during his displace. Ashley has represented South Africa on world stage and have to be celebrated. The burden of over 50 mil- lion South African was levied onto his shoulders and managed to represent. Ashley is a living testimony that hard work, believe and passion pays dividends, especially since he’s ranked 13th worldwide and 3rd in Afri- ca. Salute Ashley ‘Floorise’ Mkhize and hope corporate South Africa open their eyes to see real investment.

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