Topsy Media is a 100% black owned media company, specialising in advertising, communications and Sales. We at Topsy pride ourselves in providing the most effective, yet inexpensive marketing services to our valuable clients. Our services ranges from business-to-customers (b2c), business-to-business (b2b) marketing, corporate identity, marketing consulting, marketing and social research, branding, advertising (traditional and new media), consumer behaviour, brand positioning, public relations, internal and external communications. In a nutshell, Topsy Media is a one-stop-shop for all your marketing and communication solutions, dedicated to serve your business’ needs.


The primary objective of the Topsy Media is to offer low cost marketing and communications to other businesses, as substantial number of small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) struggle to market themselves because of high cost associated with marketing, lack of marketing expertise and lack of communication techniques. Therefore, Topsy Media aims to bridge that gap and provide effective marketing and communication services to all businesses whom require the essential services. Thus, Topsy media comply with its motto “You deserve your market share”.


The aim of e-Mag is provide useful information to the youth that would empower them to become better citizens and better people through knowledge. The Magazine constantly interviews people whom young people relate to, and try to persuade them and empower them through knowledge. For example, many young people relate to Vusi Thembekwayo’s story of struggling when he started his first business, and even thought of quitting, but did not. Large number of young people find themselves in the crossroad of quitting and going hungry, as their path seems to be null and void.


Topsy Media was established to provide cutting edge marketing and communication services to organisations within and outside the vicinity of Newcastle and Kwa-Zulu Natal as a whole. We aim to provide effective and efficient marketing and communication solutions to companies seeking our services; and ensure they claim back their market share within their designated industries.


Topsy Media values smart work, efficiency and boldness. Employees are constantly encouraged to take calculated risks that would benefit the organisation and the employees themselves, as the working environment can also be a place of having fun while achieving organisational objectives. Employees are inspired to push themselves over the edge of their limits and beyond to achieve prescribed goals.


The main objective of Topsy Media is to satisfy client’s needs through offering cutting edge marketing and communication services at lower prices compared to our competitors. To accomplish this mission, Topsy Media recruits young graduates who possess raw talent and skills; people who are Funky and arrogant in the way they work. Research has proved the success of every business lies within its workforce. Therefore, we recruit individuals who will be aligned with our mission statement, our motto “you deserve your Market share”.

Learnership Training

Topsy Media offers internships programs through E-Mag, to school learners and tertiary students who seek valuable media experience, as well as those who want to pursue a career in media and marketing. We teach new breeds to work the Topsy Media way, and instil positive mind set. However, we allow all our employees space to be creative in their own special way. Diversity in encourage for the survival of the organisation heavily depends on it. Hence, we do not hire people with years of experience, but rather people with the right attitude, will and drive to succeed. At Topsy media we observe personalities not experience.

SME Collaborations

Topsy Media shall collaborate with local small and medium-sized enterprises as much as possible. SME’s play a pivotal role in steering the economy in the right direction and as a developing country; South Africa heavily relies on SME’s to tackle fundamental issues like youth unemployment and lack of entrepreneurs. We aim to make South Africa a better country; a state alive with possibilities and equal employment opportunities for all.

Social Responsibility

Topsy Media ploughs back into the community through a section called Bursaries in E-Mag. This section provides bursary, scholarship and learnership application forms to the youth. People seeking bursaries they simply click on the links found on the section and are automatically directed on the forms. Substantial number of learners lack information about bursaries, learner-ships, scholarships and internship whilst in high school, and as a result get de-motivated and lack a desire to study hard because of their financial status. Topsy Media aims to alter that reality for rural and township pupils.

Training & Development

Topsy Media shall provide a platform whereby employees’ skills are advanced to better serve our clients. As enshrined on our constitute under skills development Act of 1998, section 97, that South Africa’s workforce need to be further trained to equip them with the latest technological ability, and new knowledge to make them more efficient and effectively in the workplace. Topsy Media complies with the constitution and facilitate employee training. One of our mottos is employee wellness; we believe Topsy must take care of our employees to enable them to take care of our clients. “I take care of my employees; they will take care of my clients”

Organisational Culture

Topsy Media believes in providing all its employees autonomy and complete freedom in what they do, as long as their actions will generate profits for the business (if it sells use it). However, that does not mean employees should break all the rules, procedures and company ethos to acquire business. Topsy Media has strong code of ethics, norms, values and principles that employees need to comply with. Topsy Media’s culture enhances employee’s acumen; by providing support and accommodating everyone’s ideas, regardless of corporate level they may be situated. Prior to drastic changes takes place, Topsy Media will consider opinions of everyone affected by those changes. Thus, Topsy Media has an open door policy which allows communication to occur from lower to upward corporate level. Employees are not dictated into accepting every decision made in the company.

Distinctive Competency

Topsy Media prides itself in being able to utilise new media to the beneficiary of other companies. Hence, the director of the company being exposed to challenges and benefits of the use of new media at Monash University gives Topsy Media leverage in the industry. Topsy Media’s competitive competency stems from its recruiting process. Topsy Media recruits new blood, people who possess raw talent, creativity, confidence, arrogance, team work and contradicting personalities. The aim is placed on personalities, rather than qualifications because being qualified does not mean one is creative and able to take the company to greater heights. Furthermore, experience in the industry is blurred as Topsy Media is young, arrogant and disrupting the Media space. According to the Director, people who have been in the industry forever doesn’t add any value to companies, as they are unaware of the direction the industry is heading, they lack ambition and desire to succeed. This can be referenced by them being in one position for a decade. When the director, Sphiwe Khumalo was asked about experience, he replied by saying what is 10 years’ worth of experience? Is it really 10 years of experience or is it one year of experience repeated 10 times? Topsy Media considers experience as a way of failure to push oneself into breaking new avenues. “Our employees are not employees, but rather partners in the business”

Target Market

Our Magazine is targeted towards people between the ages of 14 to 36 years. We try by all means to shy away from politics and focus on edutainment (entertaining whilst educating). We have a section where readers can email their poems and they’ll published. We realise young are either looking for bursaries, funding for their business or employment opportunities. Therefore, shifting our focus to empower them by interviewing entrepreneurs, community leaders and so forth. People who shall tell their stories and motivate the youth to soldier on and ensure their dreams are a reality.

Pricing Plan

Our pricing strategy is dictated by our valuable suppliers. However, we try to cut costs as much as we can by only outsourcing printing services to secondary companies, as we lack resources to print internally. Equally important, we have negotiated with our suppliers for discounts in exchange for marketing and consulting services from Topsy media. Collaboration is vital in ensuring our clients get inexpensive cutting edge service. Furthermore, when it comes to payment options; Topsy media varies payment alternatives designed to suit our diverse clientele.